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SNL-ize your Holiday

In light of the holiday season now in full swing, I’ve finally re-checked all of the holiday songs on my iTunes library. From Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day, I am a holiday music fiend. Yes, I’m one of those people. But I like a lot of the unconventional songs and the constant barrage of creating modern-day covers of classics. I also like me some good ol’ humorous fun. I grew up as an avid watcher of Saturday Night Live (I’ve been a night owl from an early age) and while there are many great classic sketches associated with the holidays (Dan Aykroyd’s ‘Consumer Probe’ and Alec Baldwin’s Schweddy balls in ‘Delicious Dish’ come to mind), I’ve also loved the silly and weird songs that have been produced over the years.

The recurring sketch of ‘Tarzan, Tonto, & Frankenstein’ and their ‘Seasons Greetings’ from the early 90s is just ridiculous. But something about this super short sketch, and the mix of Jon Lovitz, Kevin Nealon, and the late great Phil Hartman, makes me laugh. Maybe it’s Hartman’s grunting?


Of course, Adam Sandler’s Chanukah Song, which produced two sequels, has become a holiday mainstay, and is probably one of the only Chanukah-related songs that gets mainstream airtime on the radio. As far as I know, anyway. I love seeing the original version on Weekend Update, but I really love how much people get into the song during this HBO special.


I love the silliness of the ‘Season’s Greetings’ with Horatio Sanz, Jimmy Fallon, Chris Kattan, and Tracy Morgan. All four make me laugh at different points, but I think Morgan’s repetitive but completely serious swaying is what always does it for me.


‘D*** In a Box’ is not only a holiday classic, but it goes down in SNL Hall of Fame. From 2006, it’s probably one of the most referential, memorable sketches in recent history. Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake have incredible chemistry, which has clearly been milked for further Digital Shorts, and I love Maya Rudolph’s and Kristen Wiig’s supporting roles – their expressions kill me every time.


Seriously. Let’s Talk.

I’m really excited about Conan O’Brien’s new long-form interview web series. Conan is an intellectual guy (and history buff!) and sometimes I think his shows have restricted his natural inquisitiveness and his ability to actually have a serious, or at least truly insightful, conversation with his guests. I also love it when two comedians talk. It’s not only a comical time, but it always seems to lead to philosophical debates. Such is the case with Conan’s interview with writer/director/producer Judd Apatow. I love them both. I love their shared love for Steve Martin (and The Jerk!) and their very honest, retrospective feelings about the effects of being a professional funny person.
Watch it here: Serious Jibber Jabber: Judd Apatow

Let the Games Begin!

Ahhhh. The London 2012 Olympic Games are finally here. Spending the last year in London was especially exciting (and frustrating) because of the upcoming quadrennial event. There was LOTS of construction. And the city only seemed to get more crowded. I visited the Olympic park in May, and by that point it still had a long way to go (see my personal pics below). Part of me is glad I’m not there (did I mention the crowds??), but the other part of me is also sad that I’ll miss out on the global camaraderie that comes out of the games. That’s the main reason why I love the Olympics – it’s a truly global event, and we can find inspiration by some amazing people, many of them overcoming unimaginable obstacles (let the underdog stories begin!). And I love me a good Olympic montage, complete with a John Williams’ score. You see the tears of pain, but you also see the tears of joy. The Olympics show us people in these incredible moments. How can anyone forget the moment the USA men’s swimming team won the relay in Beijing? I specifically remember where I was and who I was with when I watched that – my friends and I replayed it over and over again since it was so thrilling and just made us so happy. I can’t wait to watch and see what memorable moments this year brings. And I really hope that Danny Boyle and his team can bring us a spectacular opening ceremony…it’s not like the Chinese put them under pressure or anything…

Views of the Olympic Park

Hungry for The Hunger Games

I am loving this fake Hunger Games poster, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, who decided to have some fun in imagining how the film would be interpreted if handled by different directors. This one envisioned with Roger Corman (Little Shop of Horrors, and other B horror films) at the helm. See all sixteen of them here. Having read the series over a year ago now, I’m relishing re-reading the first novel this week in a last-minute effort to remind myself of the intricacies of this riveting story. Hopefully I’ll be back next week with a review of the film, if only those teensters don’t sell out every showing over the weekend. Ahh the power of the 12-19 year old demographic!

Everybody Loves Ewan (How could you not?!)

To put it bluntly, I share Louis C.K.’s sentiments about wanting to be, um, “involved” with Ewan McGregor. I first took notice of Ewan in The Phantom Menace of course, but the real infatuation began with Moulin Rouge – how can you not fall in love with that charming smile and that voice? – as I’m sure was the same for most teenage girls upon seeing that film. From there it seemed as if every weekend in high school was spent discovering more of Ewan’s body of work (Trainspotting, Velvet Goldmine, Black Hawk Down)…and his body. Seriously, that man is naked in so many of his films. But he’s had such great recent work too (The Ghost Writer, Beginners), I think now more than ever he’s in his prime. Plus, he’s so cool he rode a motorcycle around the world. Twice.  He is definitely in my top 5 of celebrity crushes that you’re allowed to sleep with if in a committed relationship. Definitely. So I can totally see where Louis C.K. is coming from. I think he’s spot on, in a completely vulgar and kind of creepy way.

Happy Academy Awards Day!

Also known as my favorite day of the year, the 84th Annual Oscars are finally here, after what has felt like the longest film award season yet. Perhaps that’s due to the fact that most of the categories are locked in, (i.e. The Artist is going to win pretty much everything) yet that doesn’t stop me from enjoying the telecast one bit less. And hey! Billy Crystal is back! So things are looking good – and much better than last year. To get you in the mood, why don’t you check out these spot-on and enlightening infographics from Vulture on all the best picture nominees (thanks to my sister for sending me the links!).

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