Month: July 2018

2018 Emmy Nominations – Gut Reactions


-Yay for The Americans + Keri Russell + Mathew Rhys! If Keri doesn’t win for this train scene then I will have lost all hope in the system.

-Happy to see GLOW in Best Comedy Series, and Betty Gilpin get a nomination — but no love for Alison Brie or Marc Maron? Zoya better have some destroyin’ to do next year.

-Go, Sandra Oh, go!


-Love that Larry David will spar against Ted Danson in the Lead Actor Comedy category.

-WTF. How does This Is Us get a Best Drama Series nomination over Killing Eve?

-I like things about Barry, but wanted to like it more. But yes, give all the noms to Henry Winkler.

-Will Kenan Thompson retire from SNL now that he has an acting nomination?


-Pamela Adlon in Better Things — please give this woman an Emmy for this show!

-Can Sandra Oh and Keri Russell both win in a tie? This is the only way I see this ending well.

-How is Fuller House getting nominated? This is rigged!


-Shaking my head at no Survivor nominations, not even for the great host, Jeff Probst. He’s still killing it out there.

-Go, Jesse Plemons, go!

-So, should I be watching The Crown then?


-Happy to see Atlanta getting lots of deserved love.

-Tony Shalboub is back to his usual bullshit…of getting lots of Emmy nominations! (I’ve heard he’s very good, I mean no disrespect to Mr. Monk.)

-So many Handmaids, not enough Emmys.

-I love that Patton Oswalt’s tragicomic special Annihilation got some love.


-Cinematography for Blue Planet II, baby! Because how beautiful is that?

-Anthony Bourdain gets a posthumous nod. (*Cries to self.*)

-Y’all, Ricky Martin is now an Emmy nominee.



-LOL at American Vandal being an Emmy-nominated show for writing — but I mean that LOL earnestly. #whodrewthedicks