Month: March 2015

Ren Recommends: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

With Parks and Recreation off the air now, it’s time for a new comedy to take its place in our hearts and minds. Although Netflix’s Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt follows 30 Rock in its absurdist tendencies (which I mean in the most complimentary way), its ridiculousness is paired off with charm, thanks in large part to the amazing Ellie Kemper. If you love the brand of humor in 30 Rock, then you’ll love Kimmy Schmidt, whose creators are Tina Fey and Robert Carlock (creator/writer and writer for 30 Rock, respectively). Plus, Fey and Carlock manage to make a horribly depressing scenario (four women, including Kimmy, trapped in an underground bunker against their will by an egomaniac who has falsely predicted the apocalypse are finally found and have to rebuild their lives) into something hilarious and even poignant. Just like 30 Rock, some of the most on-point jokes aimed at the social/political/racial/etc. constructs of our society are subtle and mumbled under characters’ breaths. But to balance the ‘truth-ness’ embedded throughout, there are equal parts outlandish and side-splitting gags that run throughout this series (blink and you just might miss them). And lucky for us, due to the timing of when Kimmy gets kidnapped as a young teenager in the mid 90s, we get tons of hilarious references to great and obscure pop culture artifacts from the 80s and 90s and many moments of Kimmy coming to terms with the technological and social media developments that she’s luckily missed out on for the past 15 years. To showcase a microcosm of what you’ll find on this show, here are four instances of what makes this show unbreakable.

UKS_1UKS_2UKS_3UKS_4Season two could not come fast enough!