A “Trip” for Two

If you ever find yourself with a free evening, where you are looking for a low-key at-home entertainment option along with a glass of red wine (naturally), then look no further to a personal screening of The Trip – brought to you by Netflix. In this adult tale of a bromance of sorts, you’ll find the quasi-alter egos of actors/comedians Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon as they bumble along the winding, country roads of northern England visiting charming old inns while wining and dining. At times melancholy, hysterical, and poignant, the two grow and retract and grow again as adult friends. It’s the simplicity of the situation that makes the film and characters feel so familiar. Plus, both Steve and Rob’s Michael Caine impressions, among many others, are ace. Watch this British gem in preparation of the new sequel, The Trip to Italy, which is playing in select cities right now. I hope for everyone’s sake that it comes to Netflix real soon, so we once again can ogle at the laissez-faire vacations and satisfactory philosophical conversations that these two seem to keep finding themselves in. With European vacation times clocking in at a healthy six weeks a year, I’m sure the next trip is not too far off.


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