GIRLS: Let Them Eat Cake

Eating cake. Sometimes that’s all it comes down to. Heck, I know as a twenty-something myself that a piece of cake always does the trick. The few minutes of indulgence let you forget all your problems, but then comes the self-loathing immediately afterward. And it seems that Girls is all about the latter. I have been intrigued by this series from the start, even though sometimes it drives me crazy with its over the top hipster talk (but even that is hilarious sometimes). I love it for its honesty and complete lack of modesty. I can’t say that I have ever stood in the bathroom mid-conversation handing toilet paper to my roommate, but I’m sure that happens. I mean, it must if it happens on Girls, right? Hannah’s self-awareness is simultaneously refreshing and frustrating. For example, I didn’t like the storyline about her trying to sleep with her boss for the sake of ‘the story’ – I didn’t find that believable for her character. Lena Dunham must be aware that the other characters have become more interesting, and has thus placed her character Hannah at this flux in her life where she is aware of the same thing – everyone is over her – thus ending the final shot of the series with Hannah stranded, alone, on a beach, eating cake.

I’m not sure how I feel about (Spoiler!) Jessa’s wedding, and how believable that is. I loved the episode when she met her soon-to-be husband (played by the affable Chris O’Dowd) and she wasn’t fooled by his Venture Capitalist talk nor his mashups. But yes, people do irrational things and she is refreshingly just as insecure as the rest of us. Meanwhile, I’ve actually found Shoshanna to be the most honest and intriguing of the four girls. In the pilot she seemed intolerable, but her character has grown on me so much. Her character really shined in last night’s episode (her whole thing about wearing a white dress to a wedding she didn’t know was happening was pitch perfect) and I am loving the flowering relationship with Ray. “You are vibrating on a very strange frequency,” he says. It’s for writing like this, and moments when Hannah imitates Beyonce’s dance moves, that make me excited about this show and for the next season.


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