Everybody Loves Ewan (How could you not?!)

To put it bluntly, I share Louis C.K.’s sentiments about wanting to be, um, “involved” with Ewan McGregor. I first took notice of Ewan in The Phantom Menace of course, but the real infatuation began with Moulin Rouge – how can you not fall in love with that charming smile and that voice? – as I’m sure was the same for most teenage girls upon seeing that film. From there it seemed as if every weekend in high school was spent discovering more of Ewan’s body of work (Trainspotting, Velvet Goldmine, Black Hawk Down)…and his body. Seriously, that man is naked in so many of his films. But he’s had such great recent work too (The Ghost Writer, Beginners), I think now more than ever he’s in his prime. Plus, he’s so cool he rode a motorcycle around the world. Twice.  He is definitely in my top 5 of celebrity crushes that you’re allowed to sleep with if in a committed relationship. Definitely. So I can totally see where Louis C.K. is coming from. I think he’s spot on, in a completely vulgar and kind of creepy way.


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