Dear Mindy Kaling, Let’s be BFFs

I was recently just telling a friend about the time when I was in sixth grade and my class went on an awesome overnight field trip to SeaWorld, where we got to have a sleepover in the Shark Encounter exhibit. Yes, be jealous. There was a large room where most of the class slept, sans chaperones or teachers nearby, but before we went to bed the SeaWorld staff said that a few of us could sleep in the glass tunnel of the actual aquarium – meaning just a few inches of glass would separate us from these so-called human killing machines as they lurked all around us in the dark. I was so in. How could you not take such an awesome opportunity? What I didn’t realize at the time was that such a decision meant that I would forgo the first ever (and last) opportunity I would have to play spin the bottle, as all the “cool” kids chose to do while a handful of us actual cool kids slept in a glass tunnel. With sharks. Basically, this moment pretty much encapsulates my entire life, at least my life into my early twenties, of my interaction-with-boys to moments-of-nerdiness (but actually awesomeness) ratio. Long story short, it’s this kind of story that makes me think that writer/director/actress/just-all-around-cool-person Mindy Kaling and I could easily be best friends. I finally got around to reading her funny collection of essays in the book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) and I can totally relate. Firstly, the title alone sums up fears that I am so not as cool as I think. Also, I love funny women that are straight-laced and nerdy, and therefore non-druggies, yet you can tell they would be so much fun to hang out with. That is, if you love talking about classic SNL moments (which I do) and awkward childhood memories that never involved sports and boys – because those two things were never your forte – but did incorporate the fact that you went to drama, band, and yearbook camp (that last one does in fact exist). I love Mindy’s unabashed love for romantic comedies, even though she knows how trite they can sometimes be.  And I absolutely love that we share the same comedy hero – Conan O’Brien – of whom she has had the good fortune of interning at his Late Night show. I love a lot of other things about her and the book, but really you should just go read the book for yourself, especially if you’re a fan of The Office and the amazing Kelly Kapoor.


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  1. Keeping it Kapoor, she really does have great humor without ever having to go cheap or dumb it down. The Conan influence/ simalarities make sense now. Never take your comedy, entertainment or self down to the lowest common denominator. If not everyone gets it your doing something right. That is the difference between a slow cook and a flare up, a George Carlin and a George Lopez.

    Awesome anecdote by the way.

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